Welcome to StaM2010!

The Workshop on Statistical Modelling: Challenges in Health will take place in Vip Executive Art's Hotel, from May 9 to May 12, 2010, in Parque das Nações - Lisbon, and is organized jointly by the Centre of Statistics and Applications, University of Lisbon (CEAUL), and the FCT/MCTES research projects: "Statistical Methods in Genetics and Environment" (PTDC/MAT/64353/2006); "Latent Class Models in Tropical Health" (PTDC/SAU-ESA/81240/2006).

The workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in advanced statistical applications in Health challenging problems, to promote knowledge and experience exchange and also to encourage cooperation between the participants. A fruitful discussion on the role of statistical modelling in Health with maximum participation in non-parallel sessions will include the following areas:

· Health spatial problems

· Survival analysis

· Genetics

· Molecular biology

· Bioinformatics

· Latent Class Models in Health


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