Invited Speakers

Trevor Bailey (Exeter University, UK)

Modelling multivariate disease rates with a latent structure mixture model (Abstract)

Robin Henderson (Newcastle University, UK)

Optimal dynamic treatment methods for anticoagulation doseage
(Abstract )

Marilia Sá Carvalho (Fiocruz, Brazil)

Epidemiology and Statistics - a complex future?  (Abstract )

Richard Boys (Newcastle University, UK)

Linking systems biology models to data: a stochastic kinetic model of p53 oscillations

Sandrine Dudoit (University of California, Berkeley)

Statistical inference in mRNA-Seq

Armando Teixeira Pinto (University of Oporto, Portugal)

Latent variable models in health care research

Ana Margarida Sousa (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciências, Portugal)

Tempo and mode of compensatory evolution in the context of antibiotic resistance

Luís Filipe Machado (University of Minho, Portugal)

New methods in multi-state models: the three-state model

Ana Rita Grosso (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Assessing the human transcriptome using splicing-sensitive microarray tecnology

Inês Sousa (University of Minho, Portugal & Lancaster University, UK)

Transformed Gaussian model for joint modelling of longitudinal measurements and time-to-event